343 details the huge update Halo 5’s getting in two days

Well, details half of it

It has been more than a year since Halo 5 launched, but developer 343 Industries continues to support it with new maps, helpful features, and quality of life improvements. Actually, one of the biggest updates is right around the corner, almost 14 months after release.

As 343 details on Halo Waypoint, Monitor’s Bounty is scheduled for December 8, two days from now. Apart from new Warzone maps and in-game items, the add-on contributes two substantial features: A custom game browser and an observer mode.

The custom game browser adds the functionality to look for and join in-progress custom matches. Vincent Hui, Halo 5‘s UX design lead, comments “We’ve also updated the content browser so that if you find a map or mode that you like, you’ll be able to browse for in-progress custom games from that file’s options.” He adds “This custom games browser is something the team has wanted to add for a long time for the community, but we needed the content browser and the search engine that powers it up and running first.”

The other notable addition, Observer mode, has an eSports bent. Hui explains “For the 2016 Halo World Championship, we unveiled an in-game overlay known as the Observer HUD that showed the status and weapon details for all eight players in the match. It was a great tool for viewers and casters to see how many players were on respawn and who had Power Weapons and Power-Ups.” This is available is custom game lobbies.

This is technically only half (or so) of what’s in Monitor’s Bounty. 343 plans to reveal the rest of it tomorrow, including what it calls “the biggest Forge update ever seen in a Halo game.” For specifics on the added items and whatnot, head over to the post on Halo Waypoint. Until then, here’s a sweet new assassination animation:

Monitor’s Bounty Preview [Halo Waypoint]

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