27 million balls busted in Combat Arms and other fun stats

You may remember Combat Arms. A few months ago we showed you a hilarious trailer for the free-to-play MMO first-person shooter featuring nothing less than the best FPS mechanic ever — the nut shot. In the American version of Combat Arms, the game rewards you for busting dudes in the junk with large bubbly text and a cartoon image of said dangly bits. In a few words, it’s awesome.

People seem to like it as much as we do. Since the game was updated with the “Nut Shot” mechanic in April, about 27 million characters have been nailed in the balls. Whoa. And that’s just the one of the stats we have for you.

Nexon America is celebrating the first anniversary of the game this month. As a gift to us, they’ve handed over some flooring statistics. Since the game launched:

  • Over 3.2 billion solders have been killed, 517 million of those via headshots
  • Over one million games have been played per day
  • And over 154 million terrorists have died in Fireteam Mode since May

The guys at Nexon are happy with these numbers, of course, but they’re always updating, tweaking and bringing out new content to ensure the Combat Arms community continues to grow. This summer, a new mode of play will be unveiled. It’s called Quarantine Mode. It will have zombies. Playable zombies.

Hit the break to learn more.Quarantine Mode is a battle between humans and zombies, said to feed off the intensity of horror-style games. The objective as a human is to survive the zombies. The player zombies, naturally, are charged with eliminating the humans before the round ends. Think a completely playable Horde mode.

The mode will also bring a new map and weapons to the table. You can view some concept art for the map, as well as the zombies in the gallery below.

It’s unknown at this point if zombies will be able to score Nut Shots on human players. We’re told they’ll have special abilities and parameters, so it’s totally possible. Hell, players may even be able to bust zombie nuts. We don’t know, but we like thinking and speculating about this stuff. Dangly bits are kinda our jam.

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