25 questions on my dresser, yessir, we need your Podtoid questions

Ask us questions, tell us no lies!

I wasn’t even on Podtoid 331: #PleaseBeExcited, but I know it was a rollicking good time, because you guys asked us questions that we then gave snarky/dismissive/thoughtful/funny answers to. It’s so fun, guys. Maybe we should’ve done a call for questions for our Quantum Break Podtoid special, too?

Anyways, it’s that time of week again, y’all. See something, say something. But don’t snitch. Which is our preferred AC/DC singer? Preferred Van Halen singer? Do you wipe sitting down or standing up? What would be your Guantanamo torture band? Why am I asking you all this when you’re supposed to be asking us things!?

We’re recording Podtoid this afternoon. Ask us a fun question here, get it read on the air as I butcher the pronunciation of your username, which exists more as an image in my head than as a spoken word.

Shy? Email us! podtoid[at]destructoid.com

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