1UP Show Bioshock Special and gameplay videos

The 1UP Show crew mixed together several new gameplay videos and Irrational Games interviews for this behind the scenes look at BioShock. In a show-and-tell fashion, the creative director Ken Levine walks us through all aspects of their highly anticipated PC and Xbox 360 FPS game. Love it or hate it, they’re definitely aspiring to make gameplay as fun and intriguing as possible.

Ken describes how much trouble the story gave him at first, and how it wasn’t even completed until December. He expresses his concerns for keeping the storytelling direct and concise in a “less is more” setup, comparing it to Children of Men, where the visuals tell the story on their own in most scenes. Then their art director pulls up Arcadia to showoff some of those graphics in the level editor. Scott Sinclair reveals how the “underwater forest” level comes to life with all the 3D effects layered on top of each other for the final product we’ll get to play through this August.

Another concern Ken Levine addresses is the amount of tutorials that are presented early on in the game. Rob Waters has created several artistic 2D training videos that you’ll see quickly early on, and after that you’re on your own. Ken stresses that you won’t be forced to prove you know what you’re doing, but instead they use code to watch your gameplay. Whenever you’re being foolish or overlooking something, they can then have text tips pop-up on screen to help guide you further along in the game.

The big video above is about fifteen minutes long, but if you just want the uncut gameplay videos, there’s five shorter action clips after the jump. My favorite of them all is definitely the cyclone traps.

Bioshock ‘Winter Blast’ HD


Bioshock ‘Insect Swarm’ HD


Bioshock ‘Telekinesis’ HD


Bioshock ‘Security Bullseye’ HD


Bioshock ‘Cyclone Trap’ HD



Tom Fronczak