15 Saturday Gaming Vids

How bored do you have to be to figure out how to make a “black hole” in SSBM like in the above video here? Granted, it is intriguing to find a glitch like that, but damn! What are the weirdest glitches you Destructoiders ever come across? Nintendo Got GrillzCrazy Mario Pianist!!Street Fighter 2 commercial action figureReal life Pac ManZelda music stolen for a sh1tty TV showJenna Jameson porno game (Is that supposed to be JJ? Cause if it is, they need to increase her digi-boobs)8 Bit Sexual InnuendoHalo McHammerMortal Kombat in real life (using the car as a fatality? Genius)Some random video game spoofsKatamari Damacy the MovieHow to anal rape MarioSuper Mario Theme on 11-string BassSonic X redubbed (Everyone’s trying to copy the Juggernaut Bitch!)

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