13 Saturday Gaming Vids

Now, Niero and Fronz have their special days where they force you guys to read debates and weirdness. Dont get me wrong, they are great reads. But me, no sir (or ma’ams, if there is any out there), I believe reading is what is wrong with society. So every Saturday I shall try my best to bring you all mindless gaming related videos. ENJOY!(p.s. reading isn’t really that bad. As a matter of fact, I think I need to read more and watch less. I just got Brain Age (w/ a DS Lite) and my brain age was 70. Ouch)(First video: Acappella Famicom Medley)Best review of a game ever!Game characters do the “Was SupThe most Hater Xbox video possibleOld N64 ad for SSBrosOne guy playing the Mario theme on TWO guitars!Like, OMG, did Mario really say “Fu**” you? (No you dumbarse ebaumers)Mario and Luigi dealing with Myspace.Mario skills? More like luck.Pokemon meets Mindless Self Indulgence for the best Poke spoof ever.The Console Wars. I can never get tired of watching this.It’s Mario on Ice!!Battlefield meets some old school NES games.

Hamza Aziz