13 Saturday Gaming Vids

[Via:Kotaku]So I just have to ask now…What video game has made you cry?! (PS. Sympathy for the devil)Nintendo Power rapMario 64 beaten in only 16 minutes (tool assisted I believe)Mario 3 beaten in 11 minutes (definetly tool assisted) The odds of this happening in GTA SA are one in a millionHalo meets Lord of the RingsEverything is better with Mario sound effectsCowboy Bebop meets GTA VC (spotted somewhere on Kotaku)Football games were a lot easier/better back in the day.Leeeerrrrooooyyyyy Jeeennnnkiinnnnss makes a cameo on JeopardyNintendo will always have the best commercials. A rat humping a Game Boy Micro? Genious.Another funny Nintendo commercial. This time for Pikmin 2Pokemon theme lip synced

Hamza Aziz