With 111 million sold, Nintendo Switch inches closer to beating out the PS4

Nintendo Switch 111 million

111.08 million units, to be exact

Thanks to a new financial briefing in August of 2023, Nintendo has updated their sales figures, and it’s looking good as the Nintendo Switch 111 million unit mark has just been cleared.

The numbers have been fully updated on Nintendo’s investor relations page, showcasing a staggering 111.08 million units sold for Switch hardware (combined across all models), as well as 863.59 million units of software. The Switch already surpassed the Wii in total hardware sales (which is at 101.63 million), and it’s about to beat it software-wise, too. (The Wii has 921.85 million units sold in that arena.) The record is still held by the Nintendo DS, once king of the roost, with 948 million units of software sold across its lifetime.

What is the best-selling console/game system of all time as of 2022?

Unpacking it all, the Nintendo is solidifying its place as the fifth best-selling system of all time, behind the PS2, Nintendo DS, Game Boy/Game Boy Color, and PS4, respectively. The Switch is well on its way to crack the PS4’s 117.2 million mark, then it’s coming for the Game Boy next (which has 118.69 million units sold). From there it’s more of an uphill climb to crack into the top two. The Nintendo DS has a figure of roughly 154.02 million lifetime sales, with the PS2 sitting at an estimated 155 million.

We’ll get there when we get there — if we get there. For now, Nintendo is still riding high with the Switch.

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