1 vs. 100 writers love RENT, also impressions of the game

Last night I participated in my first session of Xbox LIVE Primetime title, 1 vs. 100. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the live version. Instead, I played what Microsoft calls “Extended play” — a version of the game where the “mob” is infinitely large and the “one” is omitted from the game. Much to my surprise, this base version was entertaining and challenging.

Here’s the game’s set up: in Extended play, you answer questions without worrying about the “one.” Simple, right? Your competition is against a group of four players as opposed to the 58-60,000 members that may be in your game at the time. You’re awarded points for answering questions accurately and quickly and given bonus points for rocking questions that the majority of players answer incorrectly.

My matches lasted between 15 and twenty minutes. Commonly, the game ended on question 37, although I suspect the game is intended to end on question 40. Slow people give slow answers.

Speaking of answers, I have to admit, I was out of my league. I’m not much of a pop culture fanatic and I also haven’t seen RENT. Both of these things are a problem. Between 6:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. I answered three questions about RENT incorrectly and zoned out on questions about Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey.

Still, there was fun to be had, however, I attribute it to the game’s laid back nature. My girlfriend eventually joined my couch party and was smitten with the simple interface (three buttons, ftw). This helps me, because if you’re Avatar is active, you’ll get an increased chance to be in the “mob” and eventually the “one” in the live version — two things that could net you real prizes in the future.

For those of you who have participated, tell us what you think. Or take the time to explain to me what the hell RENT is all about. I want to nail the game tonight.

Brad BradNicholson