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Fallout 4 photo
Fallout 4

Almost no one knows how to get one of Fallout 4's Trophies

Maybe you can help?
Nov 12
// Brett Makedonski
There are a lot of people playing Fallout 4 right now. On launch day, there were more than 400,000 playing concurrently, which set a Steam record. This tracker estimated 1.2 million PC sales and that's probably a worst-c...
Fallout 4 photo
Fallout 4

Fallout 4's Trophies revealed, for lovers and fighters

And one Platinum to cap it all off
Oct 27
// Brett Makedonski
If you want to gobble up all of Fallout 4's Trophies, you're going to have to really get around the Wasteland. There's a lot to do, a lot to see, and a lot to kill because you're a Masshole. That explains why you (again) put ...
Bloodplat photo

Sony rewards Bloodborne platinum trophies with custom theme

In Europe
Sep 28
// Steven Hansen
Are you a bad enough snood that you spent hundreds of hours getting the platinum trophy in Bloodborne? Well, if you're in Europe, Sony is rewarding your efforts by sending out emails containing codes for an exclusive PlayStat...
Too much DLC photo
Too much DLC

Anita Sarkeesian provides a list of all the sexy DLC available

Tropes vs Women: Women as Reward DLC
Sep 14
// Jed Whitaker
In the latest of the Kickstarter-funded Tropes vs Women in Video Games series, Anita explores more of the "Women as Reward" trope but this time specifically relating to DLC. Featured in the video is a really cringeworthy aut...

MGS trofees photo
MGS trofees

Platidumb! Metal Gear Solid V won't have platinum trophy

I've become so comfortably platinumb
Mar 17
// Steven Hansen
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes won't have a platinum trophy. Hopefully that doesn't bother you lot that planned to infinitely replay the short, replayable game. Kojima explained on Twitter: The reason GZ doesn't have Plat...
Dark Souls photo
Dark Souls

I'm dreading some of Dark Souls II's Achievements

My inner completionist is sad
Jan 20
// Jordan Devore
"This is Dark Souls - Die for the first time." Perfect. The Achievements / Trophies for Dark Souls II have come out and this is not a link to click if you're one to fear spoilers. Locations, bosses, friendly characters, and c...
Ground Zeroes photo
Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes achievements leaked

A short list, but not the easiest
Jan 16
// Abel Girmay
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes' Achievement list has been leaked, and it's a curious one. Provided nothing gets shifted, the full 1,000 points are broken down between a mere 15 Achievements. Curious still, with the excepti...
PS4 trophies emerge photo
PS4 trophies emerge

Most dangerous game: First PS4 trophy list emerges

Tutorial Shooting Game
Oct 04
// Steven Hansen
Achievement tracking site Exophase has found the first PlayStation 4 trophy list. It's for game called Tutorial Shooting Game and features creative trophy titles like, "Bronze Trophy" and "Silver Trophy." So, some sort o...

Confessions of an Achievement whore: Demands for next-gen

May 23 // mrandydixon
Whore or not, at least I've never stooped this low; no really, here's the proof! Confessions of an Achievement whore Let me just make one thing clear before I go any further, in case there was any doubt: I fucking love Achievements. (And, to a lesser extent, Trophies -- AKA the Ben Affleck to Achievements' Matt Damon.) From the first time I heard that now-familiar "Achievement Unlocked" chime to the day I sent a little garden gnome into space, I've grown to love Achievement-hunting nearly as much as playing the games themselves, and I wouldn't trade their existence for anything. As an Achievement lover, I'm the first to admit that not all of them are created equal. Far from it, in fact. For every creative, challenges-the-way-you-play "One Free Bullet" Achievement, there's a lazy, out-of-place "Hypercaffeinated" collection quest. I'm proud to say I earned the "Neighborhood Watch" Achievement in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 (and I did earn it), but the fact that I spent multiple hours of my life checking every nook and cranny for jars of Royal Jelly in the ultra-meh Aliens vs Predator to get the "Quite a Specimen" Achievement is something I certainly won't be putting on my résumé any time soon. I hate bad Achievements. Even more, I hate that -- in spite of my distaste for them -- I still feel driven to whore myself out for them in pursuit of my completion percentage. But it isn't my fault; I'm wired this way. Luckily, all hope is not lost. At least, it doesn't have to be. Here's my list of demands: Seriously, it's that easy Achievement unlocked: Tracked our progress One of the bigger annoyances for an Achievement seeker is seeing a "Kill X amount of Y" Achievement and having no idea how many Ys you've left to kill. As more and more games approach these (and other) Achievements with a simple, in-game tracking system, there is really no excuse for all developers to not follow suit. One of the first (and still best) examples of this kind of tracking is evident in the latter Gears of War games. Beginning in Gears 2, every time you hit a pre-defined milestone towards an Achievement, a small, unobtrusive overlay would appear on the screen alerting you to your progress. Talk about convenient! And if you somehow missed the pop-up, you could easily head into the in-game journal and view it again there. Brilliant! Thankfully, this system has been implemented in more and more games as of late, but there are still a few notorious exceptions by developers who seemingly missed the memo or still insist on exporting their stats to secondary apps. (Looking at you, Halo Waypoint.) Take note, developers: we're watching you! So isn't it about time you started watching us? (No, not like that.) Art by Braccini Achievement unlocked: Didn't waste our time Nothing is more aggravating than a time-wasting collection quest with no in-game explanation, logic, or reward. While many games at least attempt to award you as you "find all the things" via incremental upgrades to your stats (see Crackdown, Enslaved, and Infamous) and others go one step further and tie bits of additional story to each item found (see the BioShock and Arkham games), others still have no value for our time at all, and it's time to put that trend to bed. Sure, it may have been fun for Remedy to hide a hundred coffee thermoses in the forests and trailer parks of Alan Wake, but was it fun for us collecting them? Hell no! And how about those pieces of "intelligence" you have to find in every Call of Duty game ever made? Doesn't sound too intelligent to me! There's really no need for these boring, time-filling side-quests. Developers, if you're worried your games will be too short or have less replay value without these mindless collect-a-thons, then that probably says more about your game than anything else. So knock it off! The part where he kills you Achievement unlocked: Timed your notifications wisely Nothing can ruin a good cutscene like a poorly-timed Achievement notification. I still remember playing through the original Gears of War and defeating General RAAM (oops, spoiler), and as soon as the movie started playing showing him dying (crap, spoiler) a half-dozen notifications popped up telling me that I had killed RAAM (dammit, there it is again), that I had beaten the last chapter of the game, that I had completed the game on at least easy mode, that I had completed the game on at least normal mode, that Marcus and Dom would live happily ever after, etc. Not only was this distracting as hell, but it pretty much told me "OK, game's over. You can put the controller down now." Why not wait until after the cutscene finishes to tell me all this shit? It was sloppy and annoying, and we deserve better. On the flip side, Portal 2 is a great example of a game that capitalized on the Achievement system to great success. By timing their notifications perfectly to specific pieces of dialog or in-game actions, Valve added extra emphasis to already humorous and noteworthy scenes. More of that, please! Don't think too hard about this one or your brain might explode Achievement unlocked: Kept achievements single player-only This is a pretty controversial one, but in my experience, Achievements that can only be unlocked while playing online are a completionist's worst nightmare and should be abolished from the planet immediately. Yes, abolished! Why, you ask? Look back at this SPORTS! story from early 2010 (thanks, Samit!) as an example. If you remember, owners of NBA Live '07 gathered in Achievement trading forums across the web to make one last push to unlock the "1,000 People Online" Achievement, which required -- true to its name -- 1,000 people to be online and in the game simultaneously. Because EA was about to shut down the servers for the three-year-old SPORTS game, this movement was literally gamers' last chance at the Achievement (which, in the end, they successfully unlocked for 100 Gamerscore). But what if Good Guy EA hadn't given a warning in the first place? What if a publisher just turns off its servers one day for no reason at all? Or what if people just stop playing a game, as is too often the case for most annual sports games and shooter franchises? Bye bye, Achievements. This has personally happened to me on more than one occasion. I buy a lot of games used, years after their release. How many of them do you think still have active servers? Yeah, not many. Single-player only Achievements -- or even ones that can be unlocked via split-screen or system link -- are the only remedy. Achievement unlocked: Separated stock and DLC Achievements And finally, we get right to the heart of the matter. As a completion-obsessed gamer, it is disappointing knowing that the next generation is going to fuck with my stats. It's already bad enough that I can 100% a game only to have DLC come by and piss on my parade, but the idea of Achievements being tied to multiple games and susceptible to constant shuffling of the numbers? I might as well just give up now. I understand the appeal of these so-called dynamic Achievements; I really do. It's more interactive (read: social), and it will no doubt inspire a new generation of gamers to achieve even more... uh, Achievements. But for me personally -- the guy who was so mad when Fable 2's add-ons released and I lost my 100% completion percentage that I bought the DLC even though I knew it would probably suck -- well, I don't even think I need to finish that sentence. I think I may have a problem. ---------- And that's it for my list! What about you? Have any Achievement pet peeves you'd like to see addressed with the next generation? Sound off in the comments!
Achievement demands photo
My list of demands for the next generation of unnecessary but addictive meta-gaming
Earlier this month, Brett shared his love of Xbox Achievements with us, and cautioned that Microsoft's rumored next-generation revamp to the system may end up ruining part of what makes them great. For Brett, the idea of Achi...

Office Chat photo
Office Chat

Bros of War, BioShock movie raptured and CoD dominance

Another casual discussion from the Dtoid news room
Mar 13
// Conrad Zimmerman
In another casual discussion from Dtoid's news room, I'm joined by Jordan Devore and Alasdair Duncan to discuss the controversy surrounding God of War's "Bros before Hos" trophy. We also kibitz around the canning of the BioS...

PS3 update 4.30 out tomorrow, kills Life with PlayStation

PS Vita Trophy viewing added
Oct 22
// Jim Sterling
Sony is gearing up for a big firmware release tomorrow, v4.30. The most notable feature being added is the ability to view your PS Vita Trophies on the home console. The Trophy section is now listed under the PSN area of the ...

Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophies are a go, auto patched

Aug 07
// Dale North
Go and stealth you some Trophies in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots now as the game has just been updated (or, it will when you turn it on) with Trophy support. Right from boot up they'll be implemented, adding 34 ne...

The Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy patch is out today

Aug 06
// Chris Carter
Rejoice, Metal Gear Solid fans, as the long awaited trophy patch for Metal Gear Solid 4 is available today. Coming in at whopping 516 MB, the patch is packed with 34 trophies. Sony also stated that at some point, retail copie...

Budget version and MGS4 patch will allow a full install

Jul 12
// Chris Carter
[Update: Andriasang has confirmed that the August patch will grant full install support.] It looks like the cat is out of the bag regarding the August Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy patch, but that's not all that's coming in terms...

Metal Gear Solid 4 to be patched with Trophy support soon

Jul 11
// Jim Sterling
Hideo Kojima has told Famitsu that the long-long-long-long-awaited Trophy support for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is on the horizon. It only took twenty-five thousand years! A new budget version of the game is sc...

You can still earn Trophies on pre-owned PS Vita games

Feb 29
// Jim Sterling
Sony is trying all it can to combat used sales of PS Vita games. A few SCEA-published titles are already rocking online passes, but there's a more insidious trick that I didn't even know existed -- Vita carts that s...

PSN Trophy cap raised past level 50

Oct 18
// Victoria Medina
PSN trophy hunters can now breathe a sigh of relief as the level cap of 50 has been removed, or at least raised. The verification comes from two users, Hakoom and duck360 who sit at levels 55 and 56 respectivel...

New PS3 update makes trophy syncing a PS Plus exclusive

Aug 10
// Jim Sterling
PS3 firmware update 3.70 is now available, and while I'd usually make many sarcastic references to the frequency of updates and the shittiness of the PS3's download capabilities, I've instead got something better to do -- bit...


Apr 29
// Jim Sterling
The fears of identity theft, credit card fraud, and PSN downtime are absolutely nothing compared to the biggest fear of all -- losing one's Trophies. PlayStation 3 Trophies are more precious than gold and define one as a game...

Samurai Warriors Chronicles trailer

Jan 19
// Jim Sterling
Where there is a new system, there is a new Warriors game, and Tecmo Koei is on hand with a trailer for its first 3DS hack n' slasher, Samurai Warriors Chronicles. You can expect the usual cavalcade of Eastern Medieval butto...

The PS3 Jailbreak fiasco just keeps getting crazier. The latest development is the launch of a new app (obviously not getting linked to here) that can unlock every Trophy in a given PlayStation 3 game automatically, with rand...


Catherine's leaked Achievements are utterly spoileriffic

Nov 30
// Josh Tolentino
I'm largely apathetic towards Xbox LIVE Achievements and PS3 Trophies, though I certainly don't mind earning a few for a little extra effort. Just a little (sorry, Dead Rising 2's "Zombie Genocider"). However, it's moments li...

MGS4 Greatest Hits edition still has no trophies

Nov 25
// Maurice Tan
The previously rumored trophy support for the Greatest Hits edition of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots seems to be [not] real. Earlier this month, all we had to go on was a picture of part of a game box with no evide...

Trophies not coming to PSP

Aug 26
// Jim Sterling
Sony has confirmed that the footage showing a Trophy collection on the screen of a PSP was, in fact, showcasing the remote play feature of the system. It seemed like the more likely explanation for the footage, but even so, i...

Could Trophies be coming to PSP?

Aug 25
// Jim Sterling
Sony has denied in the past that PSP games would get Trophy support, but some people believe that it's more likely than we think. An eagle-eyed gamer has spotted a possible Trophy reveal in the Gamescom trailer for No Heroes ...

Halo: The Movie will be the best movie ever

Apr 01
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
The biggest videogame franchise ever gets the biggest movie treatment ever. I would seriously pay money to actually watch something like this in theaters. P.S. Samit Sarkar didn't find this funny at all. What a racist. P.S.S. The video sometimes autoplays for some reason, so we put it after the jump >>

Some Trophies missing after ApocalyPS3

Mar 02
// Jim Sterling
A few people who turned their PS3s on during the notorious ApocalyPS3 may have noticed that they're now missing Trophies. While I'm sure a few people would love to see the back of those bloody things now, Sony has issued a st...

PSA: ACII 'Battle of Forli' DLC won't have Achievements

Jan 28
// Brad Nicholson
The first piece of Assassin's Creed II DLC "Sequence 12: Battle of Forli" won't have Achievements or Trophies associated with it. A spokesman for Ubisoft Montreal confirmed the lack of Trophies last afternoon with Web site PS...

Get your Final Fantasy XIII Trophies right here

Dec 16
// Jim Sterling
Final Fantasy XIII come out in Japan today probably, by my estimation of crazy Japanese time zones, and that means we can have a good look at the Trophy list for the PS3 version of the game. Most of them are secret, but ...

Heavy Rain will ignore PS3 Trophies

Dec 15
// Jim Sterling
Heavy Rain desperately wants to be a movie. That's pretty much the attitude I get with each and every new bit of news I hear about Quantic Dream's spiritual successor to Indigo Prophecy. The latest attempt to be as far remove...

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