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10:30 AM on 09.03.2010

The calm before the PAX Prime 10 storm

PAX Prime 10 is less than two hours away, and the show floor is filled to the brim with doodads and whatchits for your sick, sick pleasure. To get you further pumped, the Piki: Geek blog has posted two sets of photos of exhib...

Tony Ponce

10:00 AM on 05.22.2010

This is how they game in Afghanistan

Photojournalist Iason Athanasiadis has documented something amazing. It's an arcade in Kabul, Afganhistan, and for the kids and young adults who go there to play it's one of their only escapes. Most of the children who show u...

Matthew Razak

7:00 AM on 10.20.2009

Take a photo tour of Blizzard's awesome offices

Even though Jonathan visited Blizzard HQ twice over the summer and brought back a few photos, Blizzard has always been a rather secretive company. In an industry full of leaks and rumors, Blizzard keeps most of its info and i...

Joseph Leray

7:40 PM on 08.31.2009

Rockin' with Sony & some bands at Virgin Mobile FreeFest

I love to get down with great music and videogames, so when Sony offered me (and three Dtoiders) the opportunity to head down to Columbia, MD, and play some PS3 games while taking in some live music at the Virgin Mobile FreeF...

Samit Sarkar

9:30 PM on 08.17.2009

Ever wondered what Blizzard HQ looks like?

Having been to Blizzard twice this summer, I've put together a little collection of pictures of their offices and all the awesome stuff they have. As if you didn't know from the success of World of Warcraft, Blizzard is basic...


6:00 PM on 08.15.2009

Check out Made of Myth, wish you could read French

Kotaku posted about a new French gaming magazine called Amusement a few days ago that caught my eye and today they got some very cool images from one of the mag's stories. I'm going two ways with this story so stick with me. ...

Matthew Razak

6:40 PM on 07.24.2009

Wii Sports Resort report: A beach ... in Times Square?!

Yesterday, Nintendo held a launch event for Wii Sports Resort in New York City’s Times Square, allowing the public to try out the game three full days before its launch on Sunday, July 26th. They went all-out for this o...

Samit Sarkar

3:00 PM on 02.20.2009

Epic Games offices: not-so-epic phone camera picture tour

The Epic Games offices are...epic. Well, they're epic in a sort of subdued, business-like kind of way. The folks there were kind enough to show me around the offices after playing a bit of the upcoming Unreal Tournament III T...

Dale North

3:40 PM on 01.29.2009

Activision hires for 'advanced retouching of screenshots'

Have you ever heard of the games industry position "Art Services Screenshot Associate" before? Me either. I've always figured that there was someone out there that did something like this, but I didn't know that it ...

Dale North

6:22 PM on 05.13.2008

Comparison shots illustrate Rockstar's dedication to accuracy in GTA IV

I know what you’re thinking — “Goldarnit, another blasted GTA IV comparison post?!” (And if you are thinking that, well, the 1920s called; they want their mild oaths back.) But I’m happy to repor...

Samit Sarkar

7:02 PM on 10.05.2007

Art Attack Friday: Rich Grillioti

When it comes to the talented and accomplished pool of game industry folk that we here at Destructoid have coaxed into being our friends, we seem to have an inherent tendency to show them to you (like teh Pokemons, as it were...


9:09 PM on 09.28.2007

TGS 2007: Scrapbook Part 1 - The show floor

As we wrap up our 2007 Tokyo Game Show coverage, we thought it would be fun to share our photo "scrapbook" from the event. It has been divided into parts (more coming soon) for ease of browsing. In the almost 100 st...

Dale North

TGS 2007: Destructoid's official TGS party review wrap-up photo
TGS 2007: Destructoid's official TGS party review wrap-up
by Dale North

As promised, here is Destructoid's attempt to "review" the various parties of this year's Tokyo Game Show. Some might think that doing so would be a bit tasteless, as these are usually private events, but people come to expect this kind of tastelessness from Destructoid, so we won't disappoint. Yes, we're the type to "kiss and tell."

To be fair, the various parties that the Destructoid TGS team attended were all fun, but we quickly noticed the differences between them. We thought it would be fun to rate the parties based on several criteria, including categories like food, drinks, games, entertainment and more.  

Hit the jump to see the full party breakdown. 

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7:34 PM on 09.25.2007

TGS 2007: Destructoid's booth babe review

I recently heard that some non-Destructoid readers thought that this site was something of a "boy's club." That was a bit hard for me to understand seeing as how we have more female writers than the "others," and that we have...

Dale North

5:16 PM on 09.06.2007

Life imitating games: the world of Final Fantasy VII turned real

We'll say right off that you're only going to appreciate this video/slideshow if:a. you've played Final Fantasy VIIb. you liked Final Fantasy VIIc. you actually still remember Final Fantasy VII Seriously, if you don't fi...

Dale North

5:37 PM on 08.03.2007

Watch for rolling katamaris

Watch out for falling Tetris blocks for the next 3 miles ... what?!  Wouldn't that road sign confuse the heck out of you?Well, luckily for you and your insurance company, these signs aren't real. Created by readers of So...