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5:20 PM on 09.09.2008

OPM is tossing out some Kratos action for LittleBigPlanet in the UK

According to CVG, Media Molecule and the guys at Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK have teamed up to offer a fairly exciting download code to be used with LittleBigPlanet. Included in the packaging of issue 24 will be a...

Brad Nicholson

5:31 PM on 08.14.2008

Gaming magazines aren't dead yet

It seems like everyone is saying "print is dead" lately, especially when it comes to videogame magazines. Even though I write for a gaming Web site, I really enjoy reading gaming mags -- even the sh*tty ones. Does a...

Dale North

2:29 PM on 07.24.2008

Grand Theft Auto IV to PC confirmed

According to the front Malaysia’s “premier gaming mag” PC Gamer, Grand Theft Auto IV is coming to the PC. As we aren’t in Malaysia, when the misadventures of Niko Bellic and company will be invading yo...

Brad Nicholson

4:12 PM on 12.10.2007

TIME names top ten games of 2007

This list ought to cause some waves in the internets. TIME has complied their top ten games of the year, in numerical order, which will certainly but subject to a great deal of disagreement, flame war and general crap slingin...

Colette Bennett

2:37 PM on 11.14.2007

Game Informer to reveal Ghostbusters game in December issue (Update)

Well, it's official, and Surfer Girl was correct: there's most certainly a Ghostbusters videogame in the works. Game Informer is set to reveal all of the information on the upcoming game -- which is said to be a sequel to two...

Nick Chester

9:23 AM on 09.14.2007

Final Fantasy IV remake for DS gets new system

It seems that a graphical overhaul isn't the only thing that Final Fantasy IV's DS remake is getting. Next in line for the Square-Enix Self-Whoring Parade, Final Fantasy IV will actually get a brand new system feature to go a...

Jim Sterling

Famitsu: New glimpse of No More Heroes photo
Famitsu: New glimpse of No More Heroes
by Papa Niero

While we sit idle waiting 48 hours to see what lies behind the curtain of the new No More Heroes site, Famitsu unzips the pants of the protagonist and offers up a few more photos of the game.  The scan was posted by a French Web site which our own Blindside thankfully translated for us Eau De Toilette impared:

You are Travis, number 10 assassin. In the game you go around to kill the other 9 so you can be number 1. Take missions to get better weapons and more money and other things. Wiimote controls weapon and nunchuck moves Travis on foot and vehicle.

This game is totally punk. I'm a huge fan of cell shaded games -- it reminds me of being excited about older titles like Cool Cool Toon and Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast.  Killer 7 would have been totally forgetable if it wasn't for the amazing attention to art direction, so I'm also hoping that there's a little more under the hood here than clever shaders. July's new scan and an archive of additional back issue scans are posted in the gallery below:

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6:05 PM on 06.05.2007

SimCity Societies, amiable alliteration abounds

EA's long running city building franchise is due a fifth installment, according to CVG, who report that the next issue of US Games for Windows magazine will see the announcement of what has become known as SimCity Societ...

Jim Sterling

8:20 PM on 05.04.2007

Art Attack Friday: Kamekichi

You know what my favorite kind of art is? The kind that rips apart everything you're used to and are made by artists who were dropped on their heads into a lake of crack, meth and cocaine! So it's only natural that t...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

9:15 PM on 03.31.2007

Game Informer gets their GTA IV exclusive on in upcoming May issue

Do your loins burn in anticipation? Perhaps you've got the IV! After bringing the Internet to its knees with the trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar has decided to once again give Game Informer the first exclusive ...

Nick Chester

7:34 PM on 03.29.2007

Reason #434 to move to Oz: Aussie game journos offered sex for bonzer reviews

Oh, how I love the Land Down Under! The country itself is populated almost entirely by deadly, poisonous animals and pretty blonde girls, and apparently game journalists are the equivalent of Bono or Herve Villachaize down th...

Earnest Cavalli

11:15 AM on 03.12.2007

Dragon Quest and Mario characters team up in Itadaki Street DS

Japanese magazine Shōnen Gangan has revealed some new images of Itadaki Street DS. If you're not familiar, Itadaki Street is a computer board game designed by Dragon Quest creator, Yuji Horii. It originally appeared...

Nick Chester

9:54 AM on 03.12.2007

New Ninja Gaiden Sigma info (PS3)

Courtesy of the latest issue of PSM (April 2007), comes some fleshed out info on the upcoming Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PlayStation 3. While it's easy to try to write this game off as a next-gen port of a last-gen game, ...

Nick Chester

9:18 AM on 03.05.2007

52 issues of Famitsu just ... $398! Doh

HarrasmentPanda spotted an ironic deal on CheapAssGamer for hardcore gamers obsessed with reading about games we'll see in 6 months (if we're lucky): You can now subscribe to the #1 Japanese game mag Famitsu via Amaz...

Papa Niero

1:43 PM on 03.01.2007

Web mag Play.d profiles my favorite game journalist: Luke Smith

There are a handful of gaming journalists I actually respect in the industry and the one at the top of that list is 1UP's Luke Smith. Believe it or not, but I come from a hard-core journalist education and work experience...

Robert Summa

7:22 PM on 01.20.2007

Save the dinosaurs, get free gaming mags

The magazine publishing industry needs your help. Actually, it doesn't -- it needs you to forget that video game news is not readily available and more current on the internet. It also needs you to muster up that nostalgi...

Papa Niero