Zynga announces CityVille

Zynga is at it again. Flush with cash and mad with power, they’re unleashing yet another stage in their grand design to reduce everybody’s workplace productivity to zero. The new game CityVille will join its brethren FarmVille and FrontierVille on Facebook and have players acting as the mayors of their own cities.

Th game will consist  of players balancing the needs of its citizens with commerce and agriculture. It sounds very SimCity, except that you’ll be able to make actual changes to the cities of your friends (after gaining their permission, of course). Businesses can even grow to the point where they may be franchised out to other cities around the world.

I’m not giving Zynga any more of my time, certainly not while PopCap so feverishly holds a grip on my Facebook gaming time with Zuma Blitz. But for those who can’t get enough Ville in their lives, expect to see the beta for CityVille roll out in the next few weeks.

FarmVille creator, Zynga, announces CityVille for Facebook [The Telegraph]

Conrad Zimmerman