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Zyleak’s MM2 codes (April 2024)

Zyleak's MM2 codes will grant you fantastic weapon skins and Coins, so grab them quickly!

Updated: April 18, 2024

We searched for new codes!

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In Zyleak’s MM2, you can be the hunter or the prey. Use the map to your advantage and find the best spots to hide in or strategize where your victims will likely be if you’re the killer. You can use coins to buy effects for speed and stealth. 

These coins can be found scattered throughout each map, but you don’t have to struggle to collect them all when Zyleak’s MM2 codes exist. We compiled this list to make it easier for you to redeem codes and get a bunch of unique weapon skins, coins, and more! If you think you have good survival skills, check out our Murder Time codes article to claim more rewards!

All Zyleak’s MM2 codes list

Active Zyleak’s MM2 codes

  • EASTER24—Redeem for 1 Carrot (New)
  • GOLDMINE—Redeem for 1k Coins (New)
  • BLOXYTHROPY—Redeem for a Trophy
  • 20KBRILLIANT—Redeem for a Brilliant Knife
  • BACK2SCHOOL—Redeem for a Pencil Sword and a Pencil Launcher
  • PHANTOM37500—Redeem for a free Toxic Phantom reward!
  • PLUNGER—Redeem for a Triple Plunger Gun
  • FREECOINS—Redeem for a free 5,000 coins reward!
  • ICEBREAKER—Redeem for a free Icebreaker reward!
  • 100MVISITS—Redeem for a 100M Corrupt Knife
  • FALLWAVES10000—Redeem for a free Fall Waves reward!
  • PENNY—Redeem for a Chroma Vampire’s Edge
  • FOOTY—Redeem for a Soccer Ball
  • CHANGE—Redeem for a Darksword
  • PINKWRATH—Redeem for a Pink Wrath Sword
  • ORANGECANDLE25K—Redeem for an Orange Candleflame Sword
  • GOLDSAW2500—Redeem for a Gold Saw
  • BAT30THOUSAND—Redeem for a Purple Bat
  • ST34MPUNK—Redeem for a Steampunk Glove
  • SWIRLY—Redeem for a free Swirly Axe reward!
  • PRESENTFOR75—Redeem for rewards
  • BATZ—Redem for Bat’s Blade and Bat’s Revolver
  • CUTTINGLOGZ—Redeem for a Logcutter
  • INFLATABLE—Redeem for an Inflatable Sword
  • LIKEGOAL5000—Redeem for a free Sparkle reward!
  • BRAWL—Redeem for a Chroma Icebrawler
  • EMANSPINKY—Redeem for a free Pink Corrupt reward!
  • COOLGUY—Redeem for a Chroma Scythe
  • M4G1C—Redeem for a Magical Greatsword
  • BATTLEAXE—Redeem for a free Battleaxe reward!
  • REMILIA35THOUSAND—Redeem for a Remilia Sword
  • ICEYPINKY123—Redeem for a Pink Ice Dragon
  • TUGA—Redeem for a Chroma Scythe
  • P1ZZ4—Redeem for a Pizza Sword
  • FESTIVESZN—Redeem for a Festivity Knife
  • WS10—Redeem for a WS10 Knife
  • EMANSBARBIETHING—Redeem for a Pink Corrupt Knife
  • MILESTONE10M—Redeem for a free Galaxy Slasher reward!
  • ICE—Redeem for a free Icecrucher reward!
  • BAT30THOUSAND—Redeem for a free Purple Bat reward!
  • MONEYMONEYZ—Redeem for 5k Coins
  • LUCKY—Redeem for a Lucky Striker
  • FIDGETSPINNER—Redeem for a Fidget Spinner
  • CHROMASEER—Redeem for a free Seer reward!
  • HALLOW—Redeem for a free Hallowscythe reward!
  • 10KBALL—Redeem for a free Basketball reward!
  • SWARLS—Redeem for a Full Moon Sword
  • FIREFIRE—Redeem for a free Firey reward!
  • TRELLSREDTHING—Redeem for a free Red Corrupt reward!
  • DARK—Redeem for a Darkshot Gun
  • VALENTINES—Redeem for a Valentine’s Sword
  • LASER—Redeem for a free Laser reward!
  • 2024—Redeem for a 2024 Knife
  • ICEFLAKEYYY—Redeem for a Chroma Iceflake
  • HALLOWEEN2023—Redeem for Traveler’s Axe
  • LIKEGOAL15K—Redeem for 5k Coins
  • CRYSTAL7000—Redeem for a free Crystal Heat reward!

Expired Zyleak’s MM2 codes

  • LIKES500

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How to redeem codes in Zyleak’s MM2

To redeem codes in Zyleak’s MM2, follow our tutorial below:

How to redeem codes in Zyleak's MM2.
Screenshot by Destructoid
  1. Open Zyleak’s MM2 in Roblox.
  2. Hit the Inventory icon on the left side to open your inventory.
  3. Type the code into the tiny text box in the bottom-right corner.
  4. Click Redeem and claim your reward.

How to get more Zyleak’s MM2 codes

If you want to search for Zyleak’s MM2 codes on your own, you can check out Zyleak’s MM2 Discord, YouTube (@ZyleaksMM2), and Zyleakz MM2 Roblox group. However, the best way to obtain all the latest codes without exerting yourself is to bookmark this page. Our article gets updated as soon as new codes are out, so you can come back on occasion to get new codes.

Why are my Zyleak’s MM2 codes not working?

If you couldn’t claim your rewards, you should check whether you’ve made spelling mistakes while entering Zyleak’s MM2 codes. Typos can be easily avoided if you copy/paste the codes from our list. However, if you come across expired codes, there’s no chance you’ll receive the goodies. Most codes are active only for a limited time, and if you find an inactive code on the Active list, reach out to us. 

Other ways to get free rewards in Zyleak’s MM2

Redeeming all of the available Zyleak’s MM2 codes doesn’t mean you have to stop claiming freebies. You can obtain more goodies via daily rewards. You’ll also get daily free spins for a chance to win fantastic prizes like Coins and weapons. 

What is Zyleak’s MM2?

Zyleak’s MM2 is a slasher Roblox game that divides players into three different roles. You can either be an innocent person trying to survive the match, the sheriff who has the power to protect others, or the murderer who plans to eliminate everyone. Whether you succeed in your role or not, you will still get survival XP while participating in each round. 

You can hunt down more codes on Destructoid by looking through the rest of our Roblox Codes section.

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