ZX Spectrum game Quadron releases 30 years after completion

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Proving that the old adage of “Better Later than Never” always rings true, a developer has released a brand new game for the ZX Spectrum, 30 years after he finished developing it.

Andy Beale, (known by the tag “Cosmium”), completed his game Quadron back in 1988, only to find that classic London publisher Palace Software had lost interest, leaving the Robotron: 2084-style shooter without a label and without a future. Sad story. Fortunately, Beale would go on to work with Bullfrog studios on the Sega Mega Drive conversion of Theme Park and futuristic Sega Saturn racer Hi-Octane.

From there, Beale moved to California, where he has plied his trade in projects for  both Universal Studios and Namco, before eventually splitting from the industry in order to spend time with his family. But what of Quadron, the game that never was? Well, after being contacted by UK publication Retro Gamer, Beale dug out his forgotten Spectrum title and – after a little tweaking and engineering – Quadron is ready for its day in the spotlight, some three decades later.

Quadron is now available for purchase from itch.io, for about five bucks, adding another title to the mammoth library of ZX Spectrum games. Finally bringing closure to yet another ’80s program that seemed destined to remain trapped in limbo.

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