Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – MARS zero shifts into a September worldwide release

It’s the little things that count

Hot off the heels of the September release date for Japan, Konami has announced that the remaster of Zone of the Enders 2 will launch worldwide the same month. Alongside the announcement came a helpful video, showing off the remaster in comparison to the original and HD versions of the game.

Watching the side-by-side video shows that the remaster had work put into it. Where textures once were are now grooves in the model itself. Areas have been brightened and become more crisp. Warning text that used to be a blur is now readable. Those with a keen eye will note in multiple shots that some minor details of Jehuty and Anubis have been redesigned as well. As someone who just played through the HD version of ZoE 2 this month, I fully appreciate the work done.

The company also confirmed on Twitter that a physical release would be happening for the United States, although specific details will come later. While it’s likely that most regions will receive it, remember that the PlayStation 4 is region-free. Meaning if Konami ignores your region, you can just import the physical copy elsewhere if you really need it.

Now the real question is when are we getting The Fist of Mars HD?

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