‘Zombrex Edition’ Dead Rising 2 announced

Europe is getting its own special edition Dead Rising 2, so why not North America? Capcom has announced today that North America will be receiving the “Zombrex Edition,” a $79.99 package that contains a number of goodies beyond the game disc.

Both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the “Zombrex Edition” are largely the same, each shipping with a two-disc steelbook case that comes with a Zombrex syringe pen, a prescription notepad, a safety card, a 16-page Zombrex” prospectus sales brochure, and a 48-page artwork.

The PlayStation 3 versions comes with a Blu-Ray disc featuring a 24-minute “making of” feature, and a voucher for a dynamic Xross Media Bar theme. The 360 version gets a “high definition game disc” with the 83 minute “Zombrex Dead Rising Sun” movie and the 24-minute “making of featurette.” Odd that with all of the space on the Blu-ray disc, it actually features less content, no?

The bundle’s out when the game hits shelves on September 28. I must say, the lack of the awesome zombie doll that Europe is getting is a bit unsettling.

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