Zombie title Possession put on hold, next-gen ruined

That’s it, I’m selling all of my next-gen consoles.GamesIndustry.biz

brings word that the Blitz Games next-gen zombie title, Possession, is temporarily on hold. According to a Blitz spokesperson, the team has been brought on board to develop a high-profile title.

“We are on an even more aggressive recruitment drive for what will be a very high-profile title. We are truly honoured to be working with one of the most respected publishers in the world on this project,” said Blitz.

Oh, so I see how it is. You’re going to just stop working on Possession, a game where players were set to command an army of the undead, to work on a title that will actually make some money. What is this, a God damned business? Unbelievable!

While the game in question has yet to be revealed, if it’s something like Chicken Run 2, there had better be flesh eating involved or you can count me out.

Nick Chester