Zombie Snake vinyl figure is beyond awesome

I don’t buy a lot of toys, mostly because I lack places to put them but also because they’re often prohibitively expensive and I have enough costly habits as it is. Every once in a while, a toy comes along that makes me gasp in awe and makes me want to reconsider this policy.

So it is with this incredibly badass Metal Gear Solid Zombie Snake figure from Japanese toymaker Medicom. I love the blocky look they gave him. If I were a toy expert like the people over at Tomopop, I would probably have some fancy-schmancy word for that style. Since I don’t, I’m calling it a “blocky look” and you’re all just going to have to deal with that.

The toy is available for pre-order, going to set you back $80 and will be shipping in October. There’s a full-length image of it past the jump. If somebody wanted to order it for my birthday coming up later this month, I wouldn’t mind waiting until then for it to ship. Just saying.

Zombie Snake!

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