Zombie slayers + Bikinis = pathetic excuse for a box art post

I like zombie slayers and I love bikinis, which is why I am frustrated that I never got to play Onechanbara. I think the fact that I’ve never seen a copy in my life is a worthwhile excuse, since it is yet to ever grace these British Isles as far as I know. That said, I want to play it. Any game with a bikini-clad cowgirl zombie killer on the cover is a game I need to play at least once.

Speaking of covers, we present the box art for the Wii version of Onechanbara, which represents the entire sum of my excuses for talking about bikinis. Perhaps this will cement the idea that certain online females have that I’m some rampant and unapologetic misogynistic sex pest, but I like to think I can be sensitive when I say I’d bugger that slag on the front cover so frigging hard, her cells will deteriorate and she’ll age one hundred years in fifteen minutes. 

She’d love it too, the tart.

Jim Sterling