Zombie Poison and Kappa Honda lead Street Fighter V’s Halloween DLC

Union Station gets a spooky makeover

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Given that it’s the season for all things spooky, Capcom has revealed two new costumes and one new stage heading to its flagship fight game Street Fighter V. As detailed in the tweet below, the Halloween DLC offers up two monstrous looks for both Poison and E. Honda, both of whom are relative newcomers to the Street Fighter V roster.

My girl Poison – legitimately my favourite video game character of all time – is rocking a punk rock zombie look (someone call Darkstalkers’ Lord Raptor, we need to get these two in a band.) Veteran Street Fighter character and sumo wrestler E. Honda is going a little more traditional for his Halloween, having morphed himself into a “Kappa”, a famous creature from Japanese mythology. The Kappa is a water imp with the appearance of a turtle and, fittingly, is often depicted as possessing strong sumo abilities.

Alongside these two costumes, we can also see that the Union Station stage has also been given a spooky overhaul, and is now a – surprisingly colourful – graveyard. It’s actually a pretty good look, and I prefer it to Street Fighter V’s previous Halloween stage.

The Halloween DLC launches September 17. The stage will cost around two bucks, or 40,000 Fight Money. The character skins cost around four dollars each and cannot be bought with Fight Money, because that’s how SFV decided to roll a long, long time ago. Also of note, the game is currently available to all as part of a week-long free trial.

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