Zodd looks sufficiently brutal in Koei Tecmo’s Berserk Warriors

It’s…pretty bloody

Even though Koei Tecmo is avoiding the dreaded adults rating (CERO-Z), their Berserk Warriors project is pretty bloody. Especially so when you watch the below trailer for Zodd, one of the more merciless characters in the Berserk universe. Yep, this is looking pretty damn faithful, and quells a lot of the fears I had on this being a more muted rendition of the lore.

In other news the game seems to have finally found its moniker just one more before release (“Berserk” always had the “working title” caveat) — Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. It’s out on October 27 in Japan and still has a fourth quarter 2016 window for the west. If they stick to that target it’ll only be a month or two wait at most, but I think I’m going to just import it (I keep going back and forth!).

Chris Carter
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