Zill O’ll: Inifinite Plus screenshots: I don’t know what a Zill O’ll is

When I last spoke about Zill O’LL: Infinite, I felt a bit ashamed to say that it was one Koei game I’d never heard of. However, after finding out that previous PSX and PS2 releases never made it to the West, I feel a bit better.

What I do know is that it’s coming to the PSP and that I have new screens. Zill O’LL: Infinite Plus is going to play like your traditional Japanese RPG, with art from character designer Jun Suemi. The game is also said to feature multiple endings based on your choices in the game. 

There is no word of a Western release, but I would be a little surprised if this never made it over here, given that Koei has put out far more niche stuff in the West before now. If you can launch G1 Jockey games, you can launch this.

James Stephanie Sterling