Zenonia 2 coming to iPhone, trailer is INCREDIBLE

I’m in the market for an iPod Touch, so App games are hitting my radar quite frequently. As a fan of titles that throw you into dungeons full of monsters and loot, Zenonia is looking pretty hot to me right now. Doesn’t seem like I’d have much time to play such a deep and lengthy RPG though, as Zenonia 2 has is being forwarded for App Store approval. 

If you’re wondering what the sequel is like, try and get the information from the trailer above. I say “try” because you might be so bemused by the unbelievable female presenter that you won’t pay attention to anything else. One thing’s for certain though, that woman could sell Bill Cosby DVDs to the KKK, she’s so good!

Old school iPhone RPG Zenonia 2 to be submitted to Apple this week [Joystiq]

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