Zeno Clash 2 may see life on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Yes sir, Zeno Clash 2 is currently in the works. This time around, however, developer ACE Team is looking to make a much longer game now that it has more resources at its disposal. Zeno Clash 2, according to Andres Bordeu, is even going to be “big enough to go retail on the consoles.”

The problem with most but not all open-world games is that while they allow you to explore a vast area of land, said area is usually not exciting enough to hold your interest for long. While Zeno Clash 2 is going the open-world route, I get the feeling that this isn’t going to be a problem for the game.

I mean, have you guys seen some of the wacky things that exist in the world of Zenozoik? All ACE Team needs to do is bring more strange creations to the table, and Zeno Clash 2 will be one sandbox-style game I’ll want to actually see all of.

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