Zenless Zone Zero is a new funky fantasy from Genshin Impact’s miHoYo

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Hot in the City

miHoYo, the developer behind global juggernaut gacha Genshin Impact, has raised the curtain on its next and newest release, which it is no doubt hoping will take the world similarly by storm — Zenless Zone Zero is a new action-RPG, currently in development for PC and mobile platforms.

Zenless Zone Zero, (or “ZZZ“), is set in the aftermath of a global cataclysm, where seemingly random anomalies known as “Hollows” have been swallowing up huge chunks of civilization, dispersing monstrous creatures known as “The Ethereal.” The last bastion of life is the city of New Eridu, which provides the backdrop for ZZZ’s gameplay. The lucky few to have survived the apocalypse eke out their lives in this sanctuary, gathering resources and supplies, fending off monsters, and looking surprisingly fashionable whilst doing both.

In Zenless Zone Zero, players will take up the role of a “Proxy,” a sort of “guide-for-hire” who is adept at traversing both the real world and the invasive Hollows. In ZZZ, the player will team up with a huge and colorful cast of characters who wish to explore the deadly territory for their own unique and personal needs and reasons. Thus, it is up to the player/Proxy to party up with their clients, enter the Hollows, battle bizarre creatures, and complete goals and objectives… Oh, and returning alive would be great.

miHoYo’s new epic will feature 3D roguelike gameplay and a “fluid, cinematic action-oriented combat system” in which the player will control the proxy and their clients in energetic QTE-style warfare. As the game progresses, more will be revealed about the Hollow, the Ethereal, New Eridu, and, of course, the characters themselves. miHoYo has not yet revealed whether ZZZ is a gacha title, but it seems likely.

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I have to admit, from a narrative standpoint, Zenless Zone Zero is already more interesting to me than Genshin Impact. That does not necessarily mean that it will be a better title, or even of remote interest to anyone not bitten by the hobby gaming bug. But regardless, it looks pretty funky from an audio/visual standpoint, with its slick anime stylings, electro-beat soundtrack, and CrazySexyCool character design. I remain cautiously optimistic. For now.

Zenless Zone Zero is currently in development for PC and mobile platforms. You can register for an upcoming closed beta over on the official ZZZ website.

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