ZeniMax says The Elder Scrolls Online is ‘too big’ to come to Switch

But…how big

The Elder Scrolls Online has carved out a nice niche for itself.

After a tumultuous (but not disastrous) launch on PC, it picked itself up by its bootstraps, completely reinvented the way the leveling system worked, and somewhat pivoted itself as a traditional Elder Scrolls joint. Functional PS4 and Xbox One ports helped. But it seems like a Switch edition is not in the cards: and not for the traditional “we’re vaguely looking at a Switch port maybe” reasons, but actual technical reasons.

Speaking to GameSpot, director Matt Firor noted that a Switch version was basically impossible. At this point in ESO‘s lifecycle it’s roughly 75GB in size: something that won’t fit on Switch. As the outlet points out that’s twice the size of the absolute top-level Switch release right now.

Bethesda is committed to the Switch though, publishing Wolfenstein II, Skyrim and several other games on the platform.

Elder Scrolls Online Not Coming To Nintendo Switch Because It’s Too Big [GameSpot]

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