ZEN Studios announces Planet Minigolf, a PSN-exclusive

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ZEN Studios is taking a small break from slick, silver balls to work on white, dimpled ones. In a press released distributed this morning, the studio responsible for Zen Pinball announced Planet Minigolf, a PSN-exclusive downloadable title set to hit at an unmentioned date.

As explained in the release, it appears as though Planet Minigolf won’t stray too far from modern arcade golf conventions: the campaign component will feature cartoony visuals, “unusual hazards,” zany obstacles, “interactive objects,” 144 holes and six customizable characters.

As for the multiplayer, ZEN plans to have players putt against each other in tournaments, competitions, and in a mode called “hotseat.”

ZEN’s experience with and knowledge of metal balls is impressive. The physics they use with said balls is apparently so awesome, they’re planning to apply it to Planet Minigolf. In the press release, ZEN managing director Zsolt Kigyossy is quoted about applying the engine to the newly announced downloadable. “We’ve taken the same battle-tested ball-physics engine that was used to develop the ZEN Pinball franchise and applied it to Planet Minigolf resulting in the most true-to-life miniature golf experience available on PlayStation Network,” Kigyossy said.

Battle-tested ball-physics, people. Can’t get better than that.


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