Zelda useful for the first time in 23 years

Princess Zelda — always getting herself into trouble, be it getting kidnapped by Ganon or getting kidnapped by someone who isn’t Ganon who then later turns out to be Ganon. But no longer will she remain useless to Link, who has fought hard for some 23 years to keep her free from harm. 

Nintendo has announced that Zelda will be joining Link in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks this December. While Zelda will still technically be kidnapped, her spirit will fight alongside Link to take control of big enemies called Phantoms, solve puzzles, and discover secrets.

Zelda will also apparently ride alongside Link on his phantom train, “offering wisdom” and helping move along the game’s story line. So it won’t be stuff like “You always leave the toilet seat up” or “Who’s this Cammie chick who keeps talking about you?”. 

Spirit Tracks is scheduled for a December 7 release. 

Nick Chester