Zelda: Heart for the Hero

On my perilous quest to find you all videos of the Destructainment kind, I will tend to come across ones that deserve their own spotlight rather than the orgy that I usually make the videos partake in. Such is the case with this Legend of Zelda parody called Heart for the Hero

Normally, I try and stay away from Flash movies forced onto video players, but this is too damn funny to skip on this time. The animation was created by Matthew “sexysexybicycleSeely (best nickname evar) and deals with Link as he tries to buy a heart at a store. Of course, Link doesn’t speak at all so he has a difficult time trying to buy a new heart. Remember kids, this wouldn’t be a CTZ type video post without some kind of depraved sex themes and/or some form of death so stick with it until the end.

Hamza Aziz