Zelda: Breath of the Wild in 8K with ray tracing: need I say more?

A stable framerate in The Lost Woods? Well I’d never

We’ve seen various “4K Zelda” mods and the like, quite often actually, in the past year or two. But 8K and ray tracing? Well that’s not something you witness every day.

Over on YouTube the channel Digital Dreams did just that, with the following parameters: “8K Zelda Botw CEMU – Raytracing GI Revo Reshade  -Ultra graphic comparison – Gameplay.” To say it looks gorgeous is an understatement.

At the start of the video we’re in the classic Lost Woods zone, sans extra framerate issues. Then they whisk us away to the open world, where we get to see a little combat demonstration against an unsuspecting Blue Bokoblin. Then we’re sent to Faron, which is one of the most striking regions in the game and a perfect opportunity to show off the ray tracing effects, as well as the lovely water visuals.

Unlike a lot of other mods, this one doesn’t sacrifice the core integrity of the game’s visuals. It pretty much looks the same? Just a little snappier and more responsive. I know a lot of people are purists when it comes to this stuff, but I’d take a stable framerate and clearer draw distances any day.

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