Zack Snyder may have actually been fired from Justice League

Mustache joke

The DCEU just can’t get out of its own damn way. You’d think the drama over Justice League would be over now that it’s been released for months, but here it is again, being dragged, kicking and screaming, back out into the sunlight. Just leave the poor thing alone. It can barely hide a mustache let alone take this kind of torture.

Veteran entertainment reporter Josh L. Dickey is quitting whatever his job was and has gone full Jerry McGuire. He grabbed the goldfish, he’s pointing at folks as he’s leaving the office, he’s shouting about how fantastic he was, and he’s dropping info bombs like none other. One being that Zack Snyder was fired from Justice League a full three months before it was announced he was stepping aside for personal reasons. Evidently the studio was more upset with his handling of the entire franchise than was publicly shown, and they really didn’t like his rough cut of the film.

Rumors had, of course, been circulating about this since before Snyder publicly stepped down so it’s more than this one reporter’s take. Reports had come in previously that Snyder’s original cut of the film was “unwatchable.” I actually enjoyed the film more than most, but you could easily tell which scenes were Snyder’s and which were Joss Whedon’s as there was an obvious tonal shift. Snyder had dug the franchise into a dreary hole and clearly the studio wanted out of it. There was more going on here than just quality control with the death of Snyder’s daughter, which may be one of the reasons this wasn’t reported as him getting fired originally, but it’s interesting to see that the film was in more dire straights than we ever knew.

Zack Snyder Was Reportedly Fired from ‘Justice League’ [Collider]

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