Yummy: New XBLA Radiant Silvergun screenshots

I’m sure everyone has that one game they sold and will always regret selling. Radiant Silvergun for the Sega Saturn is that game for me. What an incredible game. What an expensive game! I’d buy it again, but I suck so much at it that I can’t bring myself to spend what it costs to get a good copy of this rare title.

I can easily shell out the 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15) this remake is going to cost, though. We have new screenshots of this port of Treasure’s beautiful shmup. You can play in both Arcade and Saturn modes in this version, with your scores now going to online leaderboards. Don’t look at mine! 

Now there’s online co-op play, downloadable player data and improved visuals. Expect to see Radiant Silvergun later this year on XBLA.

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