Yukes announces XBLA game, Double D Dodgeball, and it’s not what you think

If Team Ninja were responsible for the upcoming Xbox LIVE Arcade title Double D Dodgeball, it would have featured exquisitely animated females bouncing around and tossing balls at each other. For most of you, we would have been talking “insta-sale.”

Instead, what you’ll be getting later this year is a Yukes-developed competitive dodgeball titled featuring neon aliens and squid creatures. Yeah, I’m disappointed, too. The title will feature a variety of characters, each with unique attributes and shot types. The game supports 8-players multiplayer matches via Xbox LIVE, so you and seven of your friends can bitch about the game’s failure to deliver on the promise of “double d.”

Like most newly announced Xbox LIVE arcade games, Double D Dodgeball has no release date. Or breasts.

Nick Chester