Yuji Naka’s new jam for PS3 and Xbox 360 revealed soon

I’m a big Yuji Naka (Nights, Burning Rangers, Sonic) fanboy. I told the former Sega man that to his face a few months back and he responded so calmly that it felt like this was something he already knew. It was as if his face calmly said, yes, and you should be. I really have loved everything he’s made (well, I liked Ivy the Kiwi?, which is much better as a DS game than a Wii game). He has been working on an action game for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and soon he will reveal what he and the folks at Prope have been working on all this time. 

Naka told CVG that “a few quite big action game projects” are in process there at Prope, but he didn’t give any details. He did say that a “very original action game based in the sky” will be revealed within this month. I can’t wait to see what Sonic’s daddy comes up with next.

This will be the first Xbox 360 and PS3 title for Prope, but from the way it sounds they have more in the pipeline. 

I’d say that I’m excited for these announcements, but Naka would just make that face as if to say yes, and you should be.

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