Yuffie to join the cast of Avenue Q

Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist.” “If You Were Gay.” “The Internet Is For Porn.” These are just a few of the amazing songs in Broadway hit Avenue Q. And before you start making fun of me for talking about a musical, you really need to hear me out.

Avenue Q is an award-winning production starring puppets who use profanity and deal with very adult issues. There is an old lady character (who I obviously want to punch in the face) named Mrs. Thistletwat and another character based on washed up actor Gary Coleman … that is usually played by a woman. Oh, and did I mention the puppets have sex on stage? Yeah, Avenue Q is amazing.

If that description doesn’t get you to line up for tickets, maybe this will: The voice of Yuffie in Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy: Advent Children herself — Christy Carlson Romano — will be joining the cast on September 29th. She will be playing the roles of main character Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut.

If you live in the New York area you should go check out the show and support her. If anything, seeing a Broadway theater full of nerds in cosplay would be a once and a lifetime experience. Until David Hayter lands the role of Jean Val Jean in Les Miz. Am I right? Er … I mean … uh … did you guys see the Giants play last night? Man, that was a great game. BOOBIES!

[Via Broadway World]

Chad Concelmo