YTMND Thursday: You betrayed the law!

A pretty abysmal week in Internet land folks. Which one is your favorite? I’d have to say the best one is the Random Man Now Dog. Flood my inbox with YTMNDs! [email protected]!

Zangief and Gorbatchev getting down!

Frank Miller’s Sim City. Hahahah! Get it guys! Sim City! … guys …? 

The Mega Man cartoon suuuucccckkkkeeedd.

All of the SEGA add ons. ALL OF THEM! (Thanks Los Milty!) 

The Koopa Missile Crisis. (Thanks PITT_sauce!)

Tails is a girl! (Ok, that was lame.)

Link is going to get raped. (Thanks Heywood)

Also cox!

Pizza Power! Best. Theme. Song. Evar!

Mario ends it all.

Random Man Now Dog: You betrayed the law! And the awesome sequel! Don Hertzfeldt FTW!

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