YTMND Thursday: Yes, I’m late but YTMND got hacked or something … edition

I’m not exactly sure what happened (as I was extremely busy over the last couple of days) but I’m going to guess that Disney pulled a Sega and contacted YTMND to take down any Disney Princesses related YTMNDs. Whatever the case, it was pretty hilarious to open up YTMND and see Jasmine, Snow White and other famous cartoon stars that I would totally bang.

That disturbing fact aside, which ones did you like this week? 

Random Man Now Dog: Spike and the Autobots get it on! Bow chicka bow wow. Bonus (because this week is less than spectacular and I’m late too): OOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!

[Special shout out to kwaselow. You’re awesome.] 

Hamza Aziz