YTMND Thursday special edition: 50 of my favorite YTMNDs of this year

Many people call me crazy, which they totally should as I tend to do extremely crazy things. For instance, I have spent nearly a total of seven hours going through all of the YTMND Thursdays I’ve done this year, collecting my favorite ones, narrowing down the list to 50, writing up this post, accidentally clicking one of my short-cut icons to MySpace, finding out I didn’t save the draft with all the links already written up, screaming and punching my desk, and then starting all over again.

Anyway, here are my 50 favorite YTMNDs of the year. Next week, I, along with a panel of judges, will be picking the top 15 YTMNDs and crowning the best YTMND of the year. There’s even going to be a trophy! 

Hit the jump to see the epic list.

Here’s my favorite 50 from this years collection, in no particular order:

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