YTMND Thursday: Poke and the Mon edition

You’ll never believe what happened to me last week. I got a call from Bill Cosby! He’s a big fan of my work here apparently and loves what  I do. Shortly before calling me, he gave Wal-mart a call and was looking for the Pokemon game. Actually, Dtoider Genki is the mastermind behind the prank call. Genki nailed down Cosby’s voice perfectly. I’m amazed he was able to go on so long with out breaking out into laughter.

Also, thanks for all the links you all have sent me. I got so many links, I’m pretty much set for the next few weeks!

Random Man Now Dog (special super sized edition thanks to President Bush): Boogie-Master Bush. Eminem Boogie-Master Bush. Bush prepares to fight Ganon.

Hamza Aziz