YTMND Thursday: Milla Jovovich has taken over, edition

This weeks YTMND Thursday is packed full of win. I didn’t want to just sit on all the Milla Jovovich YTMNDs until next week nor sit on any of the first ten that was collected either. So, I decided to unleash them all in one fell swoop (da whoop). Of course, I can’t add extra gaming YTMNDs without adding extra Random Man Dogs too! So enjoy this super sized addition Dtoiders!

What were your favorites? 

Hit the jump for the second part of the YTMND extravaganza.

Random Man Now Dogs: I’ll blow the wad! (Made by our very own CannibalCalvin!) BABIES! THEY’RE BABIES! MEEGGAAAAAATRRROOOOONNNNN! 

[Big thanks to EternalDarkWing for making Millatoid! Thanks to CannibalCalvin for making a YTMND out of Millatoid.]

Hamza Aziz