YTMND Thursday: Getting Laid edition

Hey there sexys! Sorry for the lack of YTMND last week, I apoligize for that. I have been very busy with my RL. But what do you care? BRING ON THE YTMNDNESS!!!

Cliffy B meets Darth Vader (Thanks to Xbox Domain for the YTMND!)
Ryu meets Stewie Griffen
In a country where girl raping games and animes are all over the place, they censor God of War’s topless chicks.
Oh snap! Giant enemy crabs were actually in Japanese history!!! 
Worst song for a video game ever? Ya, RLY!
Wanna see Toad naked? Of course you do!!
I don’t understand this YTMND at all, but the song is nice 
Genji is an action game based on GETTING LAID!!! 
zOMG! Zombies in RL!! 
The Merchant mix! NOT ENOUGH CASH!
Epic Gears of War moment

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