YTMND Thursday: Destructoid wants you! (Update)

Welcome to the New Year! There needs to be a change to YTMND Thursday. In the past, I’ve featured a total of three pieces of YTMNDness that came from Destructoid. Only one was linked back to us however. In this edition, Fronz made a really sh*tty YTMND that at least links to Dtoid. It is your mission, weather you choose to accept it or not, to make a Destructoid theme YTMND. Good luck, and for God’s sake, PUNCH THE KEYS!

American History X, the game!


More Sonic Porn!

Sex for a 360

Fronz sucks at making YTMNDs

Batman Pokemon

Bunnies can’t play MGS

Castlevania fan fiction from a 7 year old

Don’t play Zelda on LSD

Legend of Zelda techno

Random YTMND Thursday: That’s the last thing Neo needs at the moment

(Changed the Random YTMND. You guys are right. I didn’t even really thing about it — CTZ)


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