YTMND Thursday: Brought to you by the letter Q, edition

Q being short for Dtoid user Qalamari. This entire YTMND Thursday is thanks to him and the great tips he sent in. I’ve posted a couple of the XP fad YTMNDs before (both of which made it to the Best of YTMND awards). I had no idea that this was so huge though (and nearly a year old … )

The XP fad is basically a picture (usually an animated gif) and music made entirely out of Windows XP icons and sound effects. There’s a ton of these XP fads, listed below are my favorites.

I finish off this XP edition with some AIM variations: Mario and Legend of Zelda. Thanks again to Qalamari for these great finds. 

Random Man Now Dog: The Judge Dredd screaming match

Hamza Aziz