YTMND Thursday 09/20/06


All of these are great (of course they’re all great, I found them!) but if there is one you’re going to watch/listen too, it’s definitely gotta be the Counter-Strike > Sex one. Would you pass up sex to go play video games?Punch the keys for God’s sake!!Inspector Gadget made a cameo on the Super Mario Bros Super Show?!?!The German outro for the Super Mario Bros Super Show This is LOLtastic.P Diddy Kong, yoMario Racoon XP edition. This is very, very, VERY clever.I could never do this epic Mario Kart manuver. The Giant Enemy Crab song!Wow. MegaMan voice acting sucked!What is Pokemon?!Mario in the Matrix Reloaded. This is LMAOtastic.Counter-Strike > Sex….ROLFCOPTERtastic. Mario Paint DS? No, but the music rocks.

Hamza Aziz