‘YStation’ VR Launch Bundle coming to the UK, too

I wonder how much more we’ll have to pay?

The PlayStation VR Launch Bundle has been listed on Amazon UK.

The pack — which had previously only been available Stateside — has now popped up on Amazon UK (thanks, TrustedReviews), but neither the price nor release date have been confirmed. 

The bundle is presently listed as “currently unavailable” and Amazon “don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” 

Like the US, the bundle includes the VR headset, the PS Camera, two Move controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds – well, from what I can make out from the images, anyway.

For now, all you can do is sign up for an email to be notified as/when the bundle becomes available. If you’ve had your eye on the PlayStation VR for awhile and would prefer the “YStation” over the standard bundle, are you tempted? 

Standard disclaimer: No, I’m not paid to tell you about this. No money or gifts have been offered nor received. Just sharing info as I find it (although I need to tell you that some links that point to Amazon or whatever may directly support our site). Added disclaimer: someone needs to tell Amazon about that typo.


Vikki Blake