Ys Seven limited edition, ‘Name in Game’ contest

XSEED sent along word that Ys Seven, the upcoming PSP game, will come in a Limited Collector’s Edition. For your $49.99 you’ll get the game, a soundtrack CD containing 20 songs, a 60-page artbook that features Ys Seven and Ys 1 & II Chronicles, and a 12.5 x 34″ cloth map highlighting the world of Ys. Nice!

They are also announcing a “Name in Game” promotion that will get you get your name into the Ys series of games. If you win, you’ll become one of the special quest-giving characters in Ys Seven. To win, simply join their new official Ys fanpage on Facebook. Those that enter between now and June 11th will be eligible to win one of the 14 name spots. There’s no link to the Facebook page yet, so you’ll have to watch XSEED’s general Facebook page for now.

I want my name in the game! I’d die happy being a character in Ys Seven.

There’s not a solid release date for the game yet, but we’re hearing “late summer.”

[UPDATE: The Ys Facebook page is now open. Go sign up and be in the game!]

Dale North