YouTube adds 1080p 60fps live streaming

Twitch gets competition

Looks like YouTube is making a big push to steal some of Twitch’s streamers and audience. YouTube launched 60fps live streaming at 720p and 1080p today alongside an HTML5 player. While Twitch has had these features for some time, 1080p streams are a rarity at 60fps due to Twitch’s 3500kbps upload limit. YouTube also has the benefit of allowing viewers to jump to anywhere in the stream as it is occurring and increase playback speed to 1.5x or 2x.

I actually got started streaming on YouTube first, and would get pretty nice turnouts whenever i’d stream. I wonder how the competition is nowadays? Might be worth a look if you’re just getting into streaming, less competition means more discoverability, something Twitch has a major problem with. 

60fps Live Streaming on YouTube in HTML5 [YouTube]

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