You’re gonna want to eat at Arby’s just for these Cuphead toys

They’ve got more than just the meats

Sometimes the neatest promotions come to the places that you don’t necessarily want to frequent. Cuphead continues on its march toward international conquest with a fast food crossover that’ll leave you remembering that, oh yeah, you actually love curly fries.

Arby’s kids meals now come with Cuphead toys. They’re extremely thematically appropriate too, as they feature heroes launching projectiles at the big bad bosses. Here’s what it looks like in action: 

Those look kind of fun! If you’re feeling bold and also secure in your employment, you can fire them at your real-life boss. Although, you should probably start viewing your boss as a leader and not as an obstacle you need to overcome. Video games have ruined you.

Studio MDHR weighed in with his gif of Cuphead holding a roast beef sandwich and sipping from a cup. Depending on your view of the situation, this is either equivalent to kissing, incest, or cannibalism. Kinda messed up! However, Cuphead housing some 2 for $6 gyros is perfectly good and pure. 

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