Your monthly Aquaria reminder: seven minutes of the game

Right, Aquaria. We’re still waiting patiently for the release of this game, and if you’re not along with us, you should just get off this short bus at the next stop. In this latest footage of the game provided by Bit-Blot, we get to see a bit of the item creation system, more combat and some previously unseen environments that maintain the game’s tradition of absolutely breathtaking 2D design. 

At this point in my monthly Aquaria updates I usually say something about how the game should be out now, damnit, and that the promised release date of Spring 2007 has long since come and gone. But having only last night talked up the nature of delay on Podtoid and its affect on overhyped but ultimately crappy games (Lair), I feel compelled to put aside my most burning desires and say the following: a game with this much promise deserves as much time in the oven as deemed necessary by its creators.

[Via Bit-Blot; thanks John!] 

Aaron Linde